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  • 214: Podcasting Tool Time Talk

    Amp by Amazon is cool, what’s new in iOS 15.4, the lastest Ecamm Live update, podcasting gear talk, what’s going on in the #ClaimPodParity Campaign, voting for the Podcast Academy […]

  • 213: Trouble Shooting Your RSS Feed And #ClaimPodParity

    Libsyn acquires PAR, Rob talks about his missing soapbox, does Apple Podcasts show hyperlinks on the web? A new newsletter for indie podcasters, the #ClaimPodParity campaign, more on HBO Max […]

  • 212: Apple Podcasts Promo Facts

    On this episode, 4 ways to optimize your request for Apple Podcasts promotion! A Rob soapbox like you’ve never head before! Best practices for opening each episode, the optimal way […]

  • 211 Predictable Stories and All The Tech

    Starting off with thoughts on to the JRE/Spotify things, Libsyn has a new Chief Product Officer! Tips on being on mic, question on removing mouth noises, and boy do we […]

  • 210: The One About The New Libsyn

    All the deets of the New Libsyn release, including, dark mode, text snippets and OMGosh social media publishing, where did the Apple summary tag go? Video gear updates, Podcash, how […]

  • 209 Starting A Podcast in 2022?

    New public domain work, more podcasting acquisitions, adding video or not to your podcasting workflow, we have an affiliate program, yas! What you need to start a podcast in 2022, […]

  • 208 Video Podcast Tips and All The Podcasting Stats

    Testing Audio Hijack to record everything, streamlining creating chapter marks for your MP3 easily, discussion of our “way back” podcasting gear, dealing with a massive tech fail, all time download […]

  • 207 Marketing Tools, Social Audio, and Holiday Hours

    Libsyn Board of Directors updates, Apple Podcasts feed refresh and new marketing tools, it’s awards season for podcasting, more on the chapter mark discussion, the latest on Clubhouse, geographic and […]

  • 206 New CEOs, Anonymous Podcasting and Automatic Downloads

    Libsyn has a new CEO! Are Google Podcasts moving to YouTube Podcasts? What’s changed regarding automatic downloads with iOS 14.5 or later, video podcast insights! Tips for remaining anonymous doing […]

  • 205 Video Podcasts, Search and Instagram Updates

    A summary of the latest Apple event and theMacBook Pro M1 Pro and M1 Max, recap of She Podcasts Live, Instagram updates for podcasters, video podcasting facts, searching in Apple […]

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