• 207 Marketing Tools, Social Audio, and Holiday Hours

    Libsyn Board of Directors updates, Apple Podcasts feed refresh and new marketing tools, it’s awards season for podcasting, more on the chapter mark discussion, the latest on Clubhouse, geographic and […]

  • 206 New CEOs, Anonymous Podcasting and Automatic Downloads

    Libsyn has a new CEO! Are Google Podcasts moving to YouTube Podcasts? What’s changed regarding automatic downloads with iOS 14.5 or later, video podcast insights! Tips for remaining anonymous doing […]

  • 205 Video Podcasts, Search and Instagram Updates

    A summary of the latest Apple event and theMacBook Pro M1 Pro and M1 Max, recap of She Podcasts Live, Instagram updates for podcasters, video podcasting facts, searching in Apple […]

  • 204 Mary’s Happy Place, Mary’s Sad Place

    Covering all the new Spotify Exclusives, Libsyn 4 vs Libsyn 5, Squid Games and what it has to do with podcasting, advice on changing your show name and coming back […]

  • 203 Podcasting Hardware, Workflows, and Troubleshooting

    The Shure MV7x, new Apple hardware, when feed tags and categories are useful, YouTube benefits for podcasters, troubleshooting RSS feeds on Google Podcasts, linking to an MP3 vs not, and […]

  • 202 Podcasting Workflows, Hardware Tips and Numbers

    Get the scoop on data on CPMs from Advertisecast, workflows for publishing back catalogue to YouTube, what stats you can expect from Facebook Podcasts, tool talk on good quality XLR […]

  • 201 Making Your Influence Go Down

    On this episode you’ll get the scoop on exactly where GGTOTDTY came from, how to get a network on Apple Podcasts, changes coming to YouTube, the Google Podcasts update, how […]

  • 200 200

    Celebrating our 200th with some of your voices! Plus, Skype recording follow-up, getting recommended by Google Podcast, what’s required for real life conferences, more on the Facebook Podcasts experience, what […]

  • 199 All The Podcasting Updates and Recaps

    A round-up of soooo many things! Podcast Movement recap, including the Fireside Chat partnership, all kinds up updates from Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Audacity, Glow.FM part of Spotify Open […]

  • 198 The Podcasting Data You Can’t Miss

    Glow.fm + Spotify Open Access! Then on the episode, really awesome brand new podcasting gear, transformative data from the Latino Podcast Listener report, Canva + Libsyn, Pocketcasts & Automattic, Goodpods […]

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